Camille Chatelain

Camille began her bicycle ride in 2005 at the National School of Circus Arts in Châtellerault and has been singing since childhood. She continued her studies at ENACR and then at CNAC, where she graduated in 2013 with the 24th graduating class. Since then, barefoot and with her hair in the wind, amazon on her bike, she has been making her own way. She crosses the path of La Mondiale Générale, La Tournoyante production, La Cie Gondwana, La Cie Roure and collaborates with Les Nouveaux Nez et Cie on Roue Libre (show for 9 bicycles, 3 unicycles and 1 musicians), La Güüd Factory, or the Oktober Company on Midnight Sun (creation 2018).

While working as a performer, she created her company L'Indécente in 2013 and has found her way as a hybrid circus artist. In 2015, she co-wrote her first play with actor Léonard Kahn: Captive, behind closed doors for a monster, a woman and a bicycle. In 2018, the two artists launched the company's second creative project, No rest for Lady Dragon, scheduled for 2020/2021.

She naturally integrates her voice and singing into her circus practice, but also devotes herself to music in its own right. She co-created and sang in the Jazz/pop group All Mice for 5 years and started composing music for short films in 2017.