Resource Centre

A multimedia reference library for students, circus artists, performing artists and researchers.

Open from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 6 pm.

The resource Centre


The Resource Centre houses an extremely rich collection on the circus arts and on the performing arts in general. In partnership with the Bibliothèque nationale de France / BnF, it serves students and interns and is open to researchers and the general public, in the aim of collaboration and exchange with other higher education establishments (ENC Montreal, Esac Brussels).

Click here to download the general bibliography (in French)

Documentary resources

Resources and Research

The Resource Centre also works closely with the Cnac research team, producing documentary and audio-visual resources on some of their research projects.

The audio-visual production unit is an educational tool that records numerous research projects. In addition, it provides a service for the profession by recording performances and shows. Part of this audio-visual resource is available at and a collection of videos (circus company shows) will be retransmitted at the portal run by HorsLesMurs.

The circus arts anthologies

In partnership with the Bibliothèque nationale de France / BnF, the Resource Centre is developing a multi-media site to enable amateurs, professionals and researcher to discover and understand the circus arts and disciplines.

A few figures:

- 7 000 works, periodicals, documents and dissertations on circus traditions and the contemporary circus,
- 12,000 photos of the Cnac and numerous posters,
- 2,200 videos: 700 on the circus mostly directed by the Cnac, and 800 related to Cnac shows and teaching, 700 on sister arts (dance, theatre, performance etc.),
- 1,300 videos available for streaming,
- more than 400 media available at with 200,000 visitors on 2014 (large audience, international broadcasts) and 15,000 annual hits on YouTube.

Specific collections

The Resource Centre also houses a rich selection of the following:

- the archives of the circus historian Tristan Rémy and of the artist Philippe Petit, as well as other historians and collectors such as Jacques Fort and Jean Villiers, etc.
- an exceptional collection on magic, containing 350 rare works that are references in the area, helping the sector to develop and nourishing the Cnac's new courses in magic,
- a collection of 520 remarkably interesting and rare, precious works
- 3,000 old photographs,
- a collection of 1,500 French and international circus journals, specific collections about female artists, the performing arts, stage arts and new technologies,